Discipline Policy

In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in my classroom, the excellent learning environment they deserve, I am utilizing the following discipline plan.

My Philosophy:  I believe students can behave appropriately in my classroom.  Our learning time is short and precious.  Therefore, I refuse to tolerate any student stopping me from teaching and/or any student from learning.

 These are the rules the children and I together have decided will make our classroom a place where everyone is able to learn.

***We all like to have people notice when we are doing something good.  Children are no different.  I use a variety of ways to do this.  Praise, coupons, notes to parents, certificates, or parties (popcorn, movie, or others the students may decide on) may be earned.

Negative Consequences

***I use negative consequences when the student chooses to break a rule. 

***Each child has a library pocket with his/her number on it.  Each pocket has four colored index cards arranged by color: green, yellow, blue, and red.  Each day every student starts off with a green card showing in his/her individual pocket on our behavior chart.  Green indicates good behavior.  If he/she chooses to break a rule, the student must change a color card.  Each color card indicates a consequence:


Green                         good behavior                   praise


Yellow                         one infraction                  warning


Blue                             two infractions                 lose 5 minutes of recess,

                                    and the  student will write  a behavior reflection


Red                             three infractions              lose one recess,     

                                    and the  student will write a behavior reflection

 If a student has more than 1 Red day in a week, the student and I will call a parent.

 Each night you will see a colored stamp in the Agenda that will correspond with the color of day the student had.  In this way, we can monitor good, as well as, not-so-good behavior.  Students that have all green days in a week will have the opportunity to eat lunch in the room on Monday.

 ***The cards will be rearranged every day so that each day is a new beginning.

 ***More than 2 red card days in a week will also result in the student going to visit with the principal.